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12th Class English Guess Paper 2019

12th Class English Guess Paper 2019

12th class Englis guess paper, Fsc 2nd Year guess paper 2019

Write short answers in words of your own (Book-2 Modern Prose And Heroes Part 1)

  1. What are conditions needed for life.
  2. How is it that a star seldom finds another star near it.
  3. Write a note on beginning of life on the earth.
  4. How has man been able to add almost thirty year to the expected length of life.
  5. How has the scientific method helped in our fight against disease.
  6. Why did the writer feel on Thursday morning.
  7. Do bright students fail in college?
  8. Why was water used sparingly in past.
  9. What do the lazy bluffers do in the college.
  10. Does the writer mean by mistaken ambition?
  11. What is scaffold.
  12. What did the writer see in the river.
  13. Describe the day in the life of chinese student.
  14. What fears haunted the mind of the author when he was about to throw the book in to the river.
  15. Why should bad books be destroyed.
  16. Why has the world changed its attitude towards china.
  17. Give two reasons of boys failure in the college.
  18. Why did the writer call himself a hospital.
  19. What did David Daiches do his pocket money.
  20. Discuss the chinese agriculture system.
  21. What was the disease he discovered he did not have (A Man Who Was A Hospital)

Write short answers in words of your own (Book 2 Modern Prose And Heroes Part 2)

  1. Why did churchil emphasis teaching of english.
  2. In which subject did churchil like to be examined.
  3. What was the first object of Mustafa Kamal.
  4. Who was christopher.
  5. What has pasteur research on anthrax.
  6. Give an idea of the size of the sahara desert.
  7. Why was Mustafa Kamal sent to anatolia.
  8. What did fall on Fleming culture plate.
  9. Why did Mehmet plan fail.
  10. How did pasteur discover the method of making vaccines.
  11. How did a man in Italy express his thanks for Fleming.
  12. What was the chief defect of antiseptic method.

Write short answers  in words of your own( Novel Good bye Mr. Chips ).

  1. How was mr. Chips changed after his marriage.
  2. How did Ralston charge sheet chips ?
  3. What was Chios Staus when he was fifty and sixty?
  4. How did Mr. Chips and katherine fall in love with each other?
  5. When and why did mr. Chips decide to retire?
  6. Why did chips not want to receive condolences?
  7. Which kind of peole did brookfield supply?
  8. What change did the death of his wife bring in chips?
  9. What did chips say in the fare well speech?
  10. How did mr. Wetherby advise mr. Chips?
  11. What were political ideas of chips?
  12. Where did chips go in 1913 and why?
  13. What happened on 11th November 1918?
  14. Why did Chatteris request chips to rejoin the school?
  15. What do you know about Linford?
  16. Describe katherine tragic death?
  17. Describe chips first day in brook field?
  18. What is agerman measles?
  19. What was the condition of mrs. Wickett house?
  20. Write a note on mr. Meldrum ?
  21. What did chips say to Faulkner?
  22. What did chips say to lioyd george?
  23. How did katherine persuade not to punish a boy?
  24. Describe the death scene of mr. Chips ?

Write an essay (300-400 words) in your own words.

My favouite personality, Democracy in Pakistan, my first day at college, my aim in life, science, life in village, my hobby, earthquakes in Pakistan, terrorism, a rainy day, corruption, sports and games

Important Idioms

break the news, carry the day, face the music, end in smoke,
Bury the hatchet, Cut a sorry figure, A blue stocking, A maiden speech,
At eleventh hour, At stone throw, At daggers drawn, A bad debt,
A narrow speech, French leave, Rainy day, bag and baggage,
First and foremost, Flesh and blood, Part and parcel, All and sundry,
A wet blanket, A sugar daddy, Beat about the bush, At fuel to the fire,
Catch at a straw, A rolling stone, A broken reed, Nip in the bud

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