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10Th Class Physics Guess 2019

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10Th Class Physics Guess 2019

1.ultrasound of reflection

3.Coulomb s law

4.Electric power

5.Step up venture down change er

6.Mutual acceptance

7.Joules law and equation

8.Electric field force

9.potential Difference

10.Electric Field of lines

11.Electric flow and its unit.

12.Ohm’s and non ohms metals

13.Information and correspondence

14.Galvanometer and Ammeter

15.Critical edge and refractive list

16.Digital and Analog

17.Simple symphonious movement exp.

18.Total interior reflection

19.Fleming’s law


21.Ohms law

22.Pitched of sound.,Intensity of sound

23.conductor and encasing

24.Goldleaf electroscope

25.Uses of web.


What is relationship of recurrence and vitality of waves?

How might you discover the speed of sound by reverberate strategy?

What is a transformer?

What is arched focal point?

What is traditional current?

Who grew first electric battery?

What is wave condition?

Clarify impression of sound?

Give a few properties of ultrasonic?

What is tuning fork?

How electroscope can be charged?

What is implied by SONAR?

What is implied by refractive list?

What is implied by capacitance?

Ohm’s law and compose its recipe. Characterize Hookes Law. Characterize central length (f)?

Characterize resistivity and compose its equation Define Lenz’s Law.Define telecommunication.?

What are optics? What is solenoid? What is digitization?


What do you thought about regular radioactivity? Clarify it What do you think about advanced amounts and computerized choose How current in estimated? Which instruments are utilized to quantify. Clarify Weber-Fechner law. Depict the employments of radio isotopes in various fields? Contrasts among genuine and virtual pictures? Separate among ordinary and unpredictable reflection. Separate among ohmic and non ohmic conductor. Separate somewhere in the range of power and force level? Distinction among DC and A.C. Compose a point by point note on OF activity as well as door. Compose a detail note on NOT task and NOT entryway What are circular mirrors?

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