Friday , March 27 2020

10th Class English Full Book Test 2019

You can get hundred percent marks by solving our test series. Test papers, past papers and guess has vital rule in preparation of exams. When you take test again and again students are prepared in well manners. This scheme would be effective for week students.

Class 10Th Paper: English Objective
Q.1 A) Pick the correct form of verb. 5
1). She always….her pen a) lose b) loses c) lost d) losing
2). Why do you …..a noise? a) making b) make c) makes d) made
3). She …..since morning. a) rests b) rested c) rest d) has been resting
4). All students ….for prize. a) competes b) compete c) competing d) competed
B) choose the word with correct spelling. 4
6). a) property b) proparty c) praperty d) propirty
7). a) eptitude b) aptitude c) aptetude d) aptitud
8). a) leisur b) leisure c) leasure d) liesure
9). a) defey b) dify c) dafy d) defy
C) choose the correct Option. 5
10).The antonym of “suffering” is a) distress b) anguish c) sad d) pleasure
11). The synonym of lovely is a) unattractive b) beautiful c) ugly d) easy
12). The word convenient mean a) easy b) good c) difficult d) cunning
13). He was kind & warm-hearted a) cold b) cruel c) enemy d) sympathetic
14). The synonym of “preserve” a) surrender b) give up c) persist d) deny
D) Pick the correct option according to grammar. 5
15). ……..books are these a) whose b) whom c) who d) that
16). Mehak is intending to go a) gerund b) participle c) infinitive d) verb
17). Worst is a) adverb b) verb c) adjective d) conjunction
18). The glass broke a) model b) transitive c) intransitive d) auxiliary
19). Always speaks the truth. a) abstract b) collective c) proper d) material

Class 10Th Paper: English Subjective Marks: 56
Q2. Answer Any 5 of the following question. 5*2=10
1).why did the prisoner support Pip? 2). How is failure not a disagree? 3). Why did non-Muslims trust the Holy Prophet (SAW). 4). What should your first aid kit consist of? 5). What does the word “proclaimed” mean? 6). How has the essayist spent his late spring get-away? 7). What is one good thing about newspaper?
Q3. Translate into Urdu. 08
Books are source of comfort for us. They are safe shelter. Throughout humans history man has found peace in the written works. Books are connects through their pages we reach society.
Q4. Record the outline of the lyric Poem “The Rain” (5)
Q5. Write down the essay on “ My Ambition”. Or “ Courtesy” 15
Q6. Use these pair of words any five into sentences. 5
i) break, brake ii) sale , sail iii) cool , cold iv) feet , feat
v) Alter, altar vi) bale , bail vii) rein , rain
Q7. Change any five of the direct into indirect. 5
i) She said, “ tell the truth”
ii). He said, “Will you listen to me?”
iii) She said, “Is this your book?”
iv). Waqas said, “May you prosper.”

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