10th Class English 2nd Half Book Test

You can get hundred percent marks by solving our test series. Test papers, past papers and guess has vital rule in preparation of exams. When you take test again and again students are prepared in well manners. This scheme would be effective for week students.

Class 10Th Paper: English Objective
Q.1 A) Pick The Correct Form Of Verb. 5
1). He…twenty minutes ago a) leave b) leaves c) left d) is leaving
2). They ….tea in the morning a) drink b) drank c) will drink d) have drunk
3). They ….us a gift a) gives b) gave c) giving d) has given
4). He …back next week a) is coming b) was coming c) had come d) came
5). The girl has….the story. a) written b) writes c) write d) writing
B) Choose The Word With Correct Spelling. 4
6). a) hyking b) hieking c) hiking d) hikying
7). a) monstar b) monstir c) monster d) monstre
8). a) carier b) career c) carier d) careere
9). a) dimise b) dymese c) demise d) demaise
C) Choose The Correct Option. 5
10).The antonym of “loathe” is a) rise b) downfall c) progress d) invention
11). The synonym of delve is a) demand b) illusion c) salvation d) search
12). The word task mean a) show b) tact c) persist d) undertaking
13). He was kind & warm-hearted a) cold b) cruel c) enemy d) sympathetic
14). The synonym of “integrity” a) fastest b) highest c) darkest d) righteousness
D) Pick The Correct Option According To Grammar. 5
15). We …our bottle, so we could use it again a) cleaning b) clean c) cleaned d) cleans
16). To spend this is part of tense a) gernud b) participle c) infinitive d) proper noun
17). The word rich is used as a/an a) adverb b) article c) adjective d) none
18). The glass broke a) model b) transitive c) intransitive d) auxiliary
19). ……books are these? a) whose b) who c) whom d) that

Class 10Th Paper: English Subjective Marks: 56
Q2. Answer the following question. 5*2=10
1).what is meant by right profession? 2). How completes a book interface the peruser and the essayist? 3).Who was Joe? How did he treat pip? 4). How are water resources under great stress?
5). Why did the old man hurl a stone at the camel?
Q3. Translate into Urdu. 08
There are about quarter of a million people added to the planet per day. This exponential growth is mostly happening in developing nation. Over 99% of the world’s sustenance supply originates from the land.
Q4. Describe the summary of the poem “Peace” (5)
Q5. Write down the essay on “ My Ambition”. 15
Q6. Use these pair of words into sentences. 5
i) vain , vein ii) wave , waive iii) team , teem iv) sale , sail v) sole , soul
Q7. Change the direct into indirect. 5
i) My mother said, “May you live long” ii) Ali said, “Are you feeling well?” iii) He said to her, “it is your book” iv) Waqas said, “would that I were rich.”