10th Class English 1st Half Book Test 2019

You can get hundred percent marks by solving our test series.

Class 10Th Paper: English Objective
Q.1 A) Pick The Correct Form Of Verb. 5
1). It …..at present a) rain b) rained c) was raining d) is raining
2). Why do you ….a noise a) making b) make c) makes d) made
3). She….him back yesterday a) sent b) sends c) will send d) sending
4). She….since morning. a) sleep b) slept c) has slept d) has been slept
5). I ….her in the plane a) meets b) has met c) met d) meeting
B) Choose The Word With Correct Spelling. 4
6). a) oentment b) ointment c) ointmant d) oatmant
7). a) courge b) coarge c) courage d) coirage
8). a) warndrus b) wandrous c) wondrus d) wondrous
9). a) prevale b) prevail c) preveil d) pervail
C) Choose The Correct Option. 5
10).The antonym of “perfect” is a) complete b) deficient c) imperfect d) incomplete
11). The synonym of distinct is a) delight b) cover c) clear d) marked
12). The word task mean a) show b) tact c) persist d) undertaking
13). First aid is temporary & immediate help. a) rapid b) slow c) delayed d) lazy
14). The synonym of “appear” a) vanish b) seem c) deem d) disappear
D) Choose The Correct Option According To Grammar. 5
15). Sarmad ate a lot of sweets. This tense is a) present b) past c) future d) none
16). Someone at my cookies a) personal b) demonstrative c) reflexive d) interrogative
17). The word rich is used as a/an a) adverb b) article c) adjective d) none
18). “worst” is a) adverb b) verb c) adjective d) conjuction
19). ……books are these? a) whose b) who c) whom d) that

Class 10Th Paper: English Subjective     Marks: 56
Q2. Answer the following question. 5*2=10
1).what standards of justice did Rasool (SAW) as a head of state? 2). What can we learn from failure? 3). What is the significance of new year’s Eve dinner? 4). What is one good thing about newspaper? 5). What are the some distinctions of writer?
Q3. Translate into Urdu. 08
Amid the message, an Ansari seeing a few men from the clan of Banu Tha’lba staying there stood up and pointed towards them and stated, “O Rasool of Allah! Their precursors murdered an individual from our family. We appeal you to get one of them hanged in exchange for that, “the Rasool replied, “the revenge of the father cannot be taken on his son.”
Q4. Write summary of the poem “The Rain” (5)
Q5. Write down the essay on “ My Last Day at School”. 15
Q6. Use these pair of words into sentences. 5
i) lose , loose ii) idle , idol iii) dairy , diary iv) dose , doze v) alter , altar
Q7. Change the direct into indirect. 5
i) 1) He stated, “I turned out poorly school yesterday” 2) The Judge said, “call the next witness” 3) Waqas said, “Hurrah! I have won the medal.”

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